Facebook Marketing – Not what it once was

There was a time not so long ago where you (as a small business owner) could use Facebook as a great marketing channel for your company or your products. People that liked your business page and liked your products could see updates or special offers right away. But those days seems to have changed and Facebook seems to have a darker side that not many people seem to realize.

As a small business owner have you seen your “Organic Growth” decrease recently? Well it’s not because you are doing anything wrong and probably doesn’t have anything to do with a lack of interest of your customers. It’s Facebook doing it as they get hungry from more ad revenue and it is an increasing concern of many.

See, Facebook can choose what you see and what you don’t. Have you ever noticed that a post that you thought was going to be a huge hit turned out to be a big flop? Well you can thank Facebook for that. It’s happening more and more out there and it just might be something you should read up on.


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